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University of Bath

How ways to address the climate crisis are presented in UK national curricula

This policy brief calls for curricular revisions to include a wider range of content on possible responses to climate change across a wider range of subjects.

This policy brief, authored by Dr Katharine Lee, explores how responding to climate change is presented in secondary school curricula across the four UK nations. It points to significant limitations, both in terms of inclusion of relevant content across subjects and the presentation of available strategies to tackle climate change.

It calls upon educational policymakers and curriculum developers to revise UK national curricula to incorporate content about responding to climate change into a wider range of subjects. Content should also be expanded to present a wider range of possible solutions beyond technological (and supply-side) interventions, and reflect the full spectrum of actions and roles available to the public.

This publication is also available via Zenodo - DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8360306