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University of Bath

HPCBytes Newsletter April 2024

HPCBytes Research Computing Newsletter (April 2024): Research Highlight, Technical Content, HPC Updates and Tip of the Month

In April 2024's edition:

Research Highlight:

Improving Heart Failure Outcomes: Using Nimbus for the Simulation of Blood Flow in a Total Artificial Heart HPC user (Joseph) discusses his research on simulating blood flow in artificial hearts to predict their compatibility with the human body. He successfully ran 16 sets of simulations in parallel and utilized approximately 25k CPU core hours on Nimbus, which helped him achieve results 32 times faster compared to his local PC.

HPC Article Series:

Running Singularity GPU Applications Using Slurm on Nimbus In this article, we explore how to launch GPU-accelerated applications inside containers on Nimbus GPU nodes, ensuring portability and flexibility. For demonstration, we illustrate executing a GPU burn test from inside the container using the CUDA module available inside the container only.