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University of Bath

HPCBytes Newsletter May 2024

HPCBytes Research Computing Newsletter (May 2024): Research Highlight, Technical Content, HPC Updates and Tip of the Month

In May 2024's edition:

Research Highlight:

Verifying the Results of a Dynamical Quantum Simulator: Using HPC to Explore the Relaxation to Equilibrium of a One-Dimensional Bose Gas HPC user (Paul) discusses his research focused on optimising and parallelising matrix product state algorithms for quantum many-body physics. He successfully ran parallel tensor train algorithms on multiple compute nodes of HPC, reducing the simulation walltime manifold in order to verify quantum simulation experiments.

HPC Article Series:

Running Interactive Jupyter Notebook from Your Local Machines on Nimbus In this article, we explore how to launch Jupyter Notebook on Nimbus compute nodes and access them on the browser of users' local PC/laptop. For demonstration, we have outlined the steps involved, along with the script and commands required to successfully launch the Jupyter Notebooks.