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Motivation and delegation skills (course materials)

The pre-work tasks you will need to complete before attending the course.

Please complete the following pre-work before attending the course.

  • Think about what motivates you in your life. Why do you undertake the hobbies and work that you do? Think about the things you avoid and dislike doing; what is unmotivating about these? What is missing?
  • Identify two people you intend to delegate to, as part of your skills practice after the workshop
  • What are some of the challenges you face when it comes to delegating tasks? Do you find yourself doing the work yourself instead of delegating it to the team? In which case, why is this; what is stopping you from delegating?
  • Read the Harvard Business Review Article: Research on Delegating Shows How Uncomfortable We Are Making Choices for Others, Williams and Perrmann-Graham, 2016

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