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University of Bath

New and expectant mothers safety standard

Guidance for managers and employees on how to manage work-related risks to new and expectant mothers, infants and unborn babies.

University health and safety policy recognises that we have particular duties to protect vulnerable members of the community − including expectant and new mothers and infants who may be affected by workplace activities. The University also has responsibilities to ensure that unborn children are protected against any workplace hazards that the expectant mother may be exposed to whilst at work.

The safety standard for new and expectant mothers provides advice for managers and employees on the process for managing risks to new and expectant mothers and to their unborn child or newly born infants. The risk assessment guidance can be used to identify potential workplace risks to new and expectant mothers and to their children. A risk assessment checklist has been developed to guide line managers through the risk assessment process.

Departments are responsible for undertaking risk assessments. The information provided should be amended as necessary (for example, throughout pregnancy and following return to work after maternity) to fit the context of the work and tasks that the new or expectant mother will be carrying out. If the employee has underlying health conditions, or is at being particular risk from infections, including Covid 19, this should be considered within their risk assessment.

These arrangements were agreed by University Health and Safety Committee in March 2024. The next scheduled review is March 2027.

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