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University of Bath

People Management Curriculum

Introducing the management curriculum for 2022-2023 with a focus on core management capabilities.

Being an effective manager can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. There are many skills to develop, competing demands to balance, and a perpetually changing context to navigate. No-one is a perfect manager and we all have room to learn, to grow and to develop our own individual style.

Whether you lead a large research project, one postgraduate researcher or a team of 10 administrators, if you manage people, teams or delivery this curriculum is for you.

This curriculum is made up of a set of bite-sized modules designed to allow you to take ownership of your own development as a manager by identifying your strengths and areas for improvement, and then engaging in practice based learning so that you can embed behavioural change.

Some elements of the curriculum are e-learning, some are smaller scale workshops, and some are tailored 1:1 support. All are evidence based, and contextualised to the University of Bath hybrid model.

Use the accompanying self-assessment tool to reflect on your own areas of strength as well as the areas in which you would like to develop further and then create your bespoke professional development plan.