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University of Bath

QA53 Examination and Assessment Offences

This Quality Assurance (QA) Code of Practice statement details the principles of academic integrity as they relate to examination and assessment offences.

UPDATE: This statement has been updated for the 2022/23 academic year; version 3.12 is applicable from 1 November 2022. The previous version (3.11) is available on request from

This statement applies to all programmes of study leading to a credit-bearing award of the University, wherever delivered. It contains the following guidance:

  • The roles and responsibilities relating to exam and assessment offences
  • Support and advice for staff and students
  • Mandatory skills training and testing for students
  • Procedures for handling alleged offences, including Boards of Enquiry and hearings
  • Examples of offences and penalties
  • Monitoring and review of assessment offences.

Sources of further guidance