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University of Bath

Safe use of pressure systems

This standard describes the University's arrangements for identifying and managing risks associated with the design and use of in-scope pressure systems.

The University has a number of pressures systems that fall within the scope of the Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000.

If pressure equipment fails in use, it can seriously injure or kill people nearby and cause serious damage to property. This safety standard will help ensure that risks associated with pressure systems can be identified so that suitable and sufficient control measures can be implemented to reduce the risks associated with pressure systems, so far as is reasonably practicable, to a tolerable level.

The standard describes the University's arrangements for the safe management of pressure systems. This includes a description of the roles and responsibilities of all people who manage, oversee, supervise or directly use such systems.

Implementation of this policy is monitored by University Health and Safety Committee (UHSC).

Document control

Date of last review: This policy was agreed at UHSC in June 2022.
Date of next review: The next scheduled review is June 2025.

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