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Senior staff (ALC6) remuneration procedure

Detailed information for senior staff (ALC6) about their remuneration procedure, including the process document and application form.

The senior staff remuneration procedure defines a set of processes for the financial remuneration of these staff members. Please refer to the documents attached for details of the procedure and to apply for the Autumn 2022 pay review process.

Timeline for Autumn 2022 pay review

Activity Deadline
Information shared 12 November 2022
Senior staff (ALC6) pay review process opens 14 November 2022
Deadline for submissions 2 December 2022
HODs assessments 5 Dec - 16 Dec 2022
Deadline for information to be shared with HR Reward 19 December 2022
Information shared with university panel 21 December 2022
University panel to meet week commencing 16 January 2023
Confirmation of outcomes week commencing 23 January 2023
Salaries updated as of February 2023, backdated to 1 November 2022 24 February 2023

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