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University of Bath

The Voluntary Severance Scheme

This agreed document explains the University's Voluntary Severance (VS) Scheme and how it can be proposed to be used in certain situations.

The VS Scheme is available to be used in certain situations to assist staff considering leaving with an enhanced payment where this will achieve a saving or other business or cost benefit. It may be initiated by manager or trade union or, in some situations by an individual staff member or members.

It is emphasised that the VS Scheme is different to the previous Voluntary Exit (VE) Scheme which was run between June and August 2020 as a specific, time-limited cross-University cost-savings programme.

The VS Scheme is in place to be used when appropriate on an ad-hoc basis to enable savings but not as part of a defined cross-University programme. A request to leave under the scheme has to be made and has to be approved by a senior Executive panel.

If you have questions, please speak to your HR Business Partner or your trade union representative or line manager. They will be able to provide you with an application form if you wish to apply for the Voluntary Severance Scheme.

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