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University of Bath

Work-related stress and wellbeing policy

The University's policy on managing work-related stress and for supporting employee wellbeing.

This policy sets out the University’s commitment to reduce the risk of work-related ill-health and work-related stress and to promote employee wellbeing. It describes the arrangements to promote wellbeing, to prevent ill-health and poor wellbeing, and to support employees who report that they are experiencing stress or other health and wellbeing issues.

This policy applies to all University employees. This will include any student when carrying out paid or voluntary work for the University.

This policy does not cover the University’s arrangements for supporting students who may be experiencing stress or other wellbeing issues either due to their studies or as a result of their personal circumstances. Information on the relevant student welfare arrangements is available from Student Support and Safeguarding.

The implementation of this policy is monitored at University Health and Safety Committee (UHSC).

This policy was agreed at UHSC in June 2022 and is next due for review in June 2024.

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