Centre for Business, Organisations and Society (CBOS)

Rethinking business in a sustainable society; providing the evidence base to get there

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CBOS research themes

Women working in a garment factory in India

We seek to produce world leading research that influences thinking, teaching and practice


People using social media

A quarterly list of the most influential faculty thinkers on issues of responsible business in social media

Commentary & Analysis

Research, analysis and comment on the role of business in society

Who we are

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CBOS members

CBOS is made up of faculty members and PhD students from the School of Management, as well as affiliates from other departments and external associate members

Engaging with society

We seek to make a positive difference through our research to local, national and international communities


Street scene in southern india

Making a positive difference through School of Management research

Supporting social enterprise

woman working on a laptop in startup business

Supporting start up and existing social enterprises in the local community through a Social Enterprise and Innovation Business Support Programme

Reducing food waste

Fresh food in fridge

While millions go hungry, over a third of the world's food produce is never consumed. Our research looks at how we can reduce waste in the supply chain

About us

We conduct interdisciplinary, high quality and high impact research on sustainability and business. We work with business, government and the third sector to encourage collaborative research and develop best practice.

Our mission is to:

  • rethink the role and responsibilities of business in creating a sustainable society; and
  • provide a theoretically and empirically robust evidence base to help get us there

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