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University of Bath

Addiction and Mental Health Group (AIM) members

View the membership of the Addiction and Mental Health Group (AIM).

We are passionate about supporting, training and mentoring early-career researchers, rewarding excellence and open science, and involving people with lived experience at every step of the research process.

Research team


    Dr Tom Freeman

    Dr Tom Freeman coordinates the group and its three functional themes (research, knowledge exchange and impact, clinical). He promotes the group and its representation within the University of Bath, the UK, and internationally.

    Director of Impact and Knowledge Exchange

    Dr Lindsey Hines

    Dr Lindsey Hines supports the group’s patient and public involvement strategy, signposts grant opportunities, and facilitates knowledge exchange opportunities. She chairs the AIM Public Engagement Committee.

    Clinical Director

    Dr Pete Sunderland

    Dr Pete Sunderland is a prescribing pharmacist who advises on the clinical aspects of addiction research. Pete also has input on issues relating to the ordering and handling of controlled drugs for research purposes.

Group members