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University of Bath

Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team

A list of the members of the Athena SWAN self-assessment team (USAT).

USAT aims to actively promote gender equality across the institution, in accordance with the Athena SWAN Charter and new principles. The team also leads the preparations for an institutional Athena SWAN Silver Award application and implements as well as evaluates the progress against the current Athena SWAN action plan. Check out Terms of Reference to learn more about frequency of meetings, key priorities, membership details and responsibilities.

Core members

    Marion Harney - University Athena SWAN Leader, Chair of USAT

    Aiste Senulyte - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

    Loretta Gibson - Director of Administration, Faculty of Engineering and Design

    Sian Smith-Lickess - Research Associate, School of Management

    Tim Rogers - Professor, Department of Mathematics

    Jennifer Thomson - Lecturer, Department of PoLIS, Athena SWAN Faculty Champion for HSS

    Nicky Kemp - Director of Policy, Planning and Compliance

    Orietta Marsili - Professor, School of Management

    Georgina Brown - Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

    Richard Brooks - Director of Human Resources

    Amy Birch - Research Development Manager, Centre for Learning and Teaching

    Despina Moschou - Lecturer, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and Alternate Faculty Champion

    Johanne Ward-Grosvold - Senior Lecturer, School of Management, and Alternate Faculty Champion

    Tom Mason - Social Media Manager

    Sarah Ibbitson - Operations and Projects Manager, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Ka Ho Ho - Students’ Union Postgraduate Officer

    Edward Webster - Deputy Director of Workforce Development, Human Resources

    Abigail Lyons - Head of Employee Recruitment, Human Resources

    David Williams - Technical Manager, Engineering and Design Technical team

    Caroline Harris - Governance Manager, Department of Policy, Planning and Compliance

    Pedro Estrela - Senior Lecturer, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

    Molly Southwood - Deputy Director and Head of Alumni Relations, Department of Development & Alumni Relations

    Juani Swart - Professor, School of Management, and Faculty Champion

    Sarah Bailey - Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, and Science Faculty Champion

    Joanne Hinds - Lecturer, School of Management

    Ann-Marie Hartland - Director of Administration, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Mona Bassuni - Researcher, Department of Biology and Biochemistry

    Updated 1st March 2021