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University of Bath

CBOS members

CBOS is made up of faculty members and PhD students from the School of Management, as well as affiliates from other departments and external associate members

Our responsibilities include research and teaching

Directors and Deputies

    • Professor Andrew Crane, Director
      Research Interests: business ethics; corporate social responsibility, cross-sector partnerships, global business governance, CSR communication, business and modern slavery, responsible consumption

    • Dr Johanne Grosvold, Deputy Director
      Research Interests: corporate governance, executive diversity, leadership, strategy, CSR, performance, reputation, power, trust, risk and institutional theory

    • Professor Vivek Soundararajan, Deputy Director
      Research Interests: labour exploitation in global supply chains, labour and governance in global supply chains, multi-stakeholder initiatives, oppression in organisations, and fringe stakeholder value creation

CBOS Strategy and Engagement Team (SET)

    MBS representative - Dr Sarah Glozer
    Research Interests: corporate social responsibility, CSR communication, dialogue, organisational legitimacy, responsible consumption, social media marketing

    IDO representative - Dr Joanne Hinds
    Research Interests: cyber security, consumer psychology, behaviour change and digital ethics

    S&O representative - Dr Anna Roberts
    Research interests: new organisational forms, platforms, platform-dependent entrepreneurs, institutional theory, microfoundations of institutions

    AFL representative - Dr Paul Baker
    Research Interests: corporate governance, diversity and decoupling, corporate philanthropy and taxation

    PhD representative - Tina Kimfumu

Faculty members

    • Dr Diletta Acuti
      Research Interests: Corporate Social Responsibility communication and sustainable consumption.
    • Dr Pankhuri Agarwal, Research Associate
      Research Interests: dignity in supply chains, the anthropology of the state and non-state institutions, informal work and labour rights, temporalities of the working lives, and dynamics of internal migration and mobility in India and beyond.
    • Dr Pardeep Attri
      Research Interests: issues of equality, diversity, and the strategies of resistance employed by marginalized groups.
    • Dr Grace Augustine
      Research Interests: Sustainability, social movements, professionalisation of social and environmental change efforts, imaginaries of sustainable futures
    • Professor Steve Brammer
      Research Interests: corporate social responsibility, corporate reputation, stakeholder management, business and sustainability, business ethics
    • Dr Layla Branicki
      Research Interests: business ethics; corporate social responsibility; extreme context research; high reliability organising; resilience; responsible crisis management.
    • Dr Rob Branston
      Research Interests: governance, regulation, public utilities, tobacco, collective action, local economic development
    • Dr Deborah Brewis
      Research Interests: (in)equalities, diversity, inclusion, digital labour, affect, business ethics, gender, anti-racism, feminisms, management learning
    • Dr Olivia Brown
      Research Interests: understanding what digital data can tell us about individual and collective behaviour, digital ethics, teamwork in high-reliability organisations, multi-team systems
    • Dr Mario Campana
      Research Interests: consumer research including diversity and inclusion with a focus on LGBTQIA+ topics, materiality, and alternative economies.
    • Dr Melih Celik
      Research Interests: applying operational research tools and techniques to supply chain management and logistics problems within areas like disaster relief, not-for-profit logistics, warehouse management, and material handling
    • Dr Philip Cooper
      Research Interests: accounting and sustainable development, non-financial reporting and stakeholder decision making, accounting and the environmental impacts of economic activity
    • Dr Brit Davidson
      Research Interests: using use digital traces to better understand people with applications in both security and health, in particular how we can understand how individuals negotiate and adapt their behaviour over time and across contexts, both on- and offline.
    • Dr Chris Dawson
      Research Interests: gender pay differentials, employment utility, incentives, temporary workers, migrant workers, work ethic
    • Dr Debra Desrochers
      Research Interests: impact of marketing on society, food marketing and obesity, childhood obesity, food insecurity, nutritional information on menus, stigma of obesity
    • Professor Dimo Dimov
      Research Interests: (social) entrepreneurship, (social) innovation, venture capital, entrepreneurial finance, microfinance, design science
    • Professor David Ellis
      Research Interests: the data that digital technologies collect and how the resulting information can provide insights about individuals and their behaviour, delivering positive social, economic and industrial impacts
    • Dr Holly Fairbairn
      Research Interests: corporate reputation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and experimental research methods.
    • Dr Richard Fairchild
      Research Interests: behavioural and neuro-economics, behavioural game-theory and applications to organisations, social enterprise, financial contracting between (social) investors and (social) entrepreneurs, conflicts between organisations' economic and social incentives, international environmental agreements
    • Dr George Ferns
      Research Interests: natural environment, social change, organizational legitimacy, communication, and sustainability
    • Dr Luke Fletcher
      Research Interests: LGBT+ inclusion at work and in business, diversity and inclusion climate and the role of allyship, employee engagement and meaningful work, talent development and diversity of talent
    • Professor Haiming Hang
      Research Interests: advertising to children, CSR perception and judgement, marketing ethics, ethical decision making
    • Dr Stefan Hielscher
      Research Interests: business and economic ethics, corporate social responsibility, history of CSR practice, sustainability of the sharing economy, discourse failure
    • Dr Timothy Hill
      Research Interests: social movements, market change, ethnographic research methods
    • Dr Rak Hitibandara
      Research Interests: social and environmental accounting, Corporate Social Responsibility, human rights and accountability, contemporary issues in accounting, microfinance, SME’s financing, ethnic minority financing and social entrepreneurship
    • Dr Kostas Iatridis
      Research Interests: corporate responsibility, corporate sustainability, environmental management, responsible research and innovation, sustainability standards and implementation, small business social responsibility
    • Professor Adam Joinson
      Research Interests: privacy, surveillance and cybersecurity, behaviour change and the use of technology, e.g. travel mode, health behaviour
    • Dr Aliette Lambert
      Research Interests: social issues related to (consumer) identity and subjectivity, digital culture, and sustainability from a critical, feminist perspective
    • Dr Tahiru Liedong
      Research Interests: corporate political activity, business-government relations, corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, institutional entrepreneurship
    • Professor Mairi Maclean
      Research Interests: international business elites and elite power from a Bourdieusian perspective, entrepreneurial philanthropy, storytelling, and historical organisation studies
    • Dr Thomas Mansell
      Research Interests: consumer behaviour and sustainability marketing with a particular focus on social norms and behavioural interventions.
    • Professor Pierre McDonagh
      Research Interests: sustainability; sustainable communication, sustainable brands, sustainable consumption & production, transformative consumer research
    • Dr Meng Meng
      Research Interests: sustainable transportation planning, travel behaviour analysis, network modelling and logistics management
    • Professor Stephen Pavelin
      Research Interests: corporate social responsibility, corporate social performance, corporate reputation; stakeholder management
    • Dr Camilo Peña
      Research Interests: sustainability, social movements and market development, consumer research, consumer culture theory, experts and cultural influencers, sustainability in artisanal/hedonic contexts (e.g., wine and fashion)
    • Dr Lynda Porter
      Research Interests: CSR, corporate reputation, corporate philanthropy, international business strategy, policy
    • Dr Annayah Prosser
      Research Interests: how identity and morality interact with social change, and how to promote societal transitions towards more sustainable futures
    • Professor Bruce Rayton
      Research Interests: corporate social performance and organisational commitment, employee engagement, job satisfaction, psychological contracts and CSP, executive pay, corporate governance
    • Professor Yasin Rofcanin
      Research Interests: interface between work/non-work, work-home resource model, conservation of resource theory and fairness theory in relation to HRM differentiation, employee well-being, job crafting, leisure crafting, work engagement, I-deals and diary studies
    • Professor Avi Shankar
      Research Interests: consumer research, consumer culture theory
    • Dr Yvetta Simonyan
      Research Interests: charitable giving, marketing communications and willingness to ask and receive help, marketing promotions in a price-tag society, marketing ethics
    • Dr Annie Snelson-Powell
      Research Interests: institutional theory, decoupling, legitimacy, business schools and management education, sustainability strategy, governance, compliance and accountability
    • Dr Lorna Stevens
      Research Interests: gender issues and feminist perspectives in marketing and consumer behaviour
    • Dr Hanwen Sun
      Research Interests: corporate finance and corporate governance, with a special focus on the topics of insider trading, short selling, institutional investors, corporate innovation, and ESG issues
    • Dr Joanna Syrda
      Research Interests: governance, regulation, incentives, entertainment and information industries, gender differences in and outside the job market, quantitative methods
    • Dr Baris Yalabik
      Research Interests: corporate environmental responsibility, economic modelling
    • Dr Chenjian Zhang
      Research Interests: strategic management, entrepreneurship, organisational change & innovation, trust research, neo-institutional theory, social networks, corporate social responsibility

PhD students

Affiliates and Associates