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University of Bath

Centre for Applied Autism Research team

Our team has a wide range of academic and clinical psychology expertise with a focus on supporting the autism community.

The Centre for Applied Autism Research (CAAR) team aims to understand autism through our research. CAAR have an associated research centre in Tokyo, Japan (J-CAAR).

Centre members

Honorary members

Research staff

Current research students

Affiliated members


    • Vicki Bitsika, AM, PhD, CF, FCCLP; Professor in Biomedical Science , University of New England, Australia.
    • Sonya Girdler, PhD; Professor of Occupational Therapy; Director, Curtin Autism Research Group, Curtin University, Australia.
    • Christopher F Sharpley, PhD, FAPS, FCCLP; Professor of Neuroscience, University of New England, Australia.

Previous research students

    • Dr Laurie Batchelor
    • Dr Jo Black
    • Dr Robert Chandler
    • Dr Pip Griffiths
    • Dr Sinead Lambe
    • Dr Marcus Lewton
    • Dr Sarah Rusbridge
    • Dr Yiyang Shen
    • Dr Clarence Singleton
    • Dr Josephine Steel
    • Dr SallyAnn Wakefield
    • Dr Tanja Wingenbach
    • Dr Helen Wood
    • Dr Jiedi Lei
    • Dr Tom Arthur