University of Bath

Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Improvement (CHI²)

We are a multi-disciplinary centre at the University of Bath specialising in applied health research and consultancy.

Members of the centre work closely with health and social care managers and professionals, drawing on a wide range of research expertise, including:

  • operational research/management science
  • operations management
  • analytics
  • information systems
  • other quantitative and qualitative research methods and models
  • experience from different industries.

Our activities are supported by a number of experienced visiting and honorary staff, who provide invaluable clinical advice and insight in the workings of national and international health systems.


Doctoral students affiliated with the Centre

    • Elena Kasparis, Improving Performance in Humanitarian Pharmaceutical Donation Supply Chains: A Study of the Neglected Tropical Diseases Preventative Chemotherapy Supply Chain
    • Marianna Liaskou, An exploration of the development and effect of collaboration between community pharmacists (CPs) and general practitioners (GPs)
    • Savvas Morris, Investigating the dynamics between local hospital leaders and policy makers in the context of quality improvement initiatives: the case of radiotherapy service provision
    • Matthew Woodward, Operational decision making in healthcare and decision support models

Research associates

Visiting and honorary

Recent MSc project students

    • Sam Evans, A Critical Assessment of the Influential Factors upon the Attendance Volumes and Attendance Rates Observed at a Specific NHS Ophthalmology Service, in collaboration with NHS Wales
    • Manon De Prez, Supporting capacity planning in community care through novel computer simulation models developed in R, in collaboration with BNSSG CCG
    • Panayiotis Nikakis, Optimising Healthcare Facilities Location through a Bi-Objective Efficiency-Equity Model, in collaboration with BNSSG CCG
    • Chun-Yu Lo, Time Series Forecasting of Clinical Activities to Support National Planning, in collaboration with NHS Improvement

Past members