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University of Bath

Centre for Mathematical Biology PhD students

We are a group of PhD students from the fields of biology, biochemistry, mathematics, pharmacology and physics.

We conduct research into mathematical biology and disseminate our work through papers, posters and conference talks.

Maths-based PhD students

    • Bethan Boulton - Bethan works on modelling the control of macroparasitic infections.
    • Enrico Gavagnin - Enrico works on reaistic models of cell migration.
    • Cameron Smith - Cameron works on developing hybrid models for reaction-diffusion prcesses.
    • Agnese Barbensi - Agnese works on topological models of DNA and protein entanglement.
    • Stephen Richer - Stephen works on mathematical models of how chromosome organisation affects gene regulation.

Biology-based PhD students

    • Jennifer Owen - Jennifer works on zebrafish pigment pattern formation.