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University of Bath

Centre for Pain Research (CPR)

The researchers and doctoral students at Bath exploring new and better ways to manage pain.

Our Centre for Pain Research was established in 2008 and is home to a team of interdisciplinary researchers investigating ways to help people learn how to live with incurable pain.

Leadership team

Core members

    • Prof Nigel Harris, Director of Innovation and Growth, West of England Academic Health Science Network
    • Prof Roger Orpwood, Visiting Professor
    • Dr Janet Bultitude, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology
    • Dr Hannah Family, Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
    • Dr Abby Tabor, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England
    • Dr Nina Attridge, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Portsmouth
    • Dr Jacqui Clinch, Honorary Researcher
    • Dr Elaine Wainwright, Honorary Research Fellow
    • Dr David Moore, Senior Lecturer in School of Psychology and Natural Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University
    • Dr Abbie Jordan, Reader, Department of Psychology
    • Dr Joseph Walsh, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Bath Spa University
    • Dr Jo Daniels, Senior Lecturer in Psychology
    • Dr Rhiannon Edwards, Associate Lecturer, The Open University
    • Dr Emma Fisher, Research Fellow, Department of Health
    • Axel Vittersø, Honorary Research Fellow
    • Monika Halicka, Honorary Research Fellow
    • Sharon Bateman, PhD Research Programme in Psychology
    • Abbie Jones, PhD Research Programme in Psychology
    • Ryan Parsons, PhD Research Programme in Psychology
    • Dr Antonia Ten Brink, Visiting Lecturer