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University of Bath

Centre for Smart Warehousing and Logistics Systems

The Centre for Smart Warehousing and Logistics Systems brings together researchers in warehousing and logistics applications.

Our academics have a strong interest in applied research, and are looking to develop innovative solutions to real-life challenges faced by industry, policy makers and society.

We aim to provide a holistic view of warehousing and logistics systems, focusing on those systems with a strong element of technology or smart decision making.

Core members

    • Dr Vaggelis Giannikas - Director
      Research interests: the use of digital technologies in supply chain management with a focus on intelligent logistics systems.
    • Dr Melih Celik – Deputy Director
      Research interests: disasters, humanitarian operations, sustainable development, warehouse management and facility logistics.

    • Dr Ozge Safak Aydiner
      Research interests: large scale optimisation, optimisation under uncertainty, airline disruption management and ambulance location problems.

    • Professor Alistair Brandon-Jones
      Research interests: digitalisation of operations and supply chain management, and professional service operations.

    • Dr Soheil Davari
      Research interests: supply chain management, sustainability, network design, Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

    • Malek El-Qallali
      Research interests: innovation management and technology adaptation over time, emerging technologies, virtual reality.

    • Professor Güneş Erdoğan
      Research interests: vehicle routing problems, facility location problems, scheduling problems, exact and heuristic algorithms.

    • Dr Milad Keshvari Fard
      Research interests: humanitarian operations, revenue management, hub location problem.

    • Dr Arsham Atashi Khoei
      Research interests: green logistics, warehouse management, energy minimization in routing and facility location problems.

    • Professor Gilbert Laporte
      Research interests: transportation, vehicle routing, combinatorial optimisation, network design

    • Dr Meng Meng
      Research interests: sustainable transport; network modelling and optimisation; travel behaviour analysis and simulation; big data analytics

    • Dr Fotios Petropoulos
      Research interests: statistical and judgemental forecasting.

    • Dr Gamila Shoib
      Research interests: social and organisational aspects of information and communication technologies' development, adoption, diffusion and use.

    • Dr Shuya Zhong Research interests: logistics and supply chain modelling and optimisation; warehousing and transportation; renewable energy supply chains (offshore wind, hydrogen, etc.); supply chain integration

Affiliate members

    • Professor Chris Brace, Department of Mechanical Engineering
      Research interests: automotive propulsion. He is the deputy director of the powertrain vehicle research centre and leads a wide portfolio of powertrain-based research projects.
    • Dr Daniela Defazio, Strategy & Organisation Division
      Research interests: innovation, entrepreneurship, start-ups, networks and technology strategy.
    • Professor Peter Mott, Department of Mechanical Engineering
      Research interests: engineering business and technology management in industry, including product-innovation strategy, digital transformation, product and service development.

PhD students