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University of Bath


The Chaplains are available for all students and staff, to offer counsel, advice or just a listening ear.

Supporting students and staff in their faith journeys, as well as hosting occasional lectures and other public events.

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  • Nigel Rawlinson

    University Chaplain
    Photo of Nigel Rawlinson

    Lead chaplain at the Chaplaincy Centre

  • Karen Turner

    Methodist Chaplain
    Photo of Karen Turner

    Available for all students, supported by the Methodist church.

  • Sarah

    Orthodox Chaplain
    Photo of Mother Sarah

    Supporting all students and staff

  • David Pattie

    URC Chaplain
    Photo of David Pattie

    Supporting all students and staff

  • Tim Norton

    Anglican (Church of England) Chaplain
    Photo of Tim Norton

    Supporting all students and staff