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University of Bath


The Chaplains are available for all students and staff, to offer counsel, advice or just a listening ear.

Supporting students and staff in their faith journeys, as well as hosting occasional lectures and other public events. Our principle of practice is non denominational, making ourselves an available presence for all. You will see us out and about, so please say hello! We love questions, and welcome everyone. We have a weekly programme of services and other online content on Facebook. In addition we provide a weekly blog on topical and relevant subjects.

Chaplaincy Blog

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  • Nigel Rawlinson

    University Chaplain
    Photo of Nigel Rawlinson

    Lead chaplain at the Chaplaincy Centre

  • Karen Turner

    Methodist Chaplain
    Photo of Karen Turner

    Available for all students, supported by the Methodist church.

  • Sarah

    Orthodox Chaplain
    Photo of Mother Sarah

    Supporting all students and staff

  • David Pattie

    URC Chaplain
    Photo of David Pattie

    Supporting all students and staff