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University of Bath

Climate Action Steering Group

The Steering Group is responsible for governing the University's climate action agenda and tracking progress towards our climate reduction targets.

The Steering Group will oversee the implementation of the project to deliver the University's commitments to the Climate Action Framework Principles, which cover our whole institution response to the Climate Emergency.

The Steering Group has a number of sub-groups:

  • Climate Action Advisory Group to provide broader representation and advice on proposed activities across the wider University community.

  • Climate Action Education Group to develop and progress learning and teaching activities.

  • Sustainable Transport Group to consider all transport related impacts, develop a Sustainable Transport Policy, and plan.

  • Working Groups (Task & Finish) to consider specific identified issues and develop recommendations.

Read the terms of reference for the Steering Group.


    • Chair - Chief Operating Officer: Keith Zimmerman
    • Deputy VC: Philip Allmendinger
    • Pro-VC (Research): Sarah Hainsworth
    • Pro-VC (Learning & Teaching): Julian Chaudhuri
    • Director of Finance: Martin Williams
    • Director of Policy, Planning & Compliance: Nicky Kemp
    • SU Deputy Chief Executive: Mandy Wilson-Garner
    • SU Activities Officer: Zoe Paumelle
    • Climate Action Chair: Pete Walker
    • Climate Action Project Lead: Pete Phelps
    • Climate Action Project Manager: Shannon Carr-Shand
    • Climate Action L&T Liaison: Steve Cayzer