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University of Bath

Climate Action Team

Helping the University to deliver a whole institution response to the challenge of Climate Change.

The overarching goal of the Climate Action Team is to develop and put into action targeted plans to deliver the 11 Climate Action Framework Principles, which guide the University’s response to the Climate Emergency in terms of its core mission, alongside its responsibilities as an organisation.

We work with teams throughout the University to address how we transition to a zero-carbon campus, tackle our scope 3 emissions, support staff and students to make low carbon decisions easier and embed net zero thinking into all policies and aspects of the organisation.

We also help to consider how we reduce the carbon impacts of the way we conduct our research, support development of cross-disciplinary research work on the Climate Emergency, and drive forward the climate-related learning and teaching activities identified in the Climate Action Framework.

Team members

    • Professor Pete Walker, Climate Action Chair
    • Peter Phelps, Climate Action Project Lead
    • Role in recruitment, Climate Action Project Manager
    • Professor Steve Cayzer, Climate Action Learning & Teaching Liaison
    • Mark Whiteley, Scope 3 Data Officer
    • Alice Lowe, Climate Action Engagement & Training Manager