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University of Bath

CREA Doctoral Researchers

Doctoral Researchers (PhDs) working in Education at the University of Bath on subjects related to the Centre for Research in Education in Asia (CREA).

We have a group of doctoral researchers engaged in postgraduate studies across Asia. They are at various stages in their research, but will all be happy to discuss their work with you should you wish to get in touch.

We also encourage those interested in doing a PhD with CREA to get in touch with one of our directors or members either directly or by first contacting one of our administrators.

Please note CREA cannot currently fund postgraduate work.

Current Doctoral Researchers

    Angie Baily

    Habitus, Agency and Guan: Raising multilingual children of Chinese heritage in Ireland

    Dan Zhao

    Using smartphone language learning applications to encourage Chinese international students’ Willingness to Communicate (WTC): A Confucian Heritage Cultural (CHC) perspective

    Kalyan Kumar Kameshwara

    Leading Change Management in Educational Systems -- A Blended Training Programme for Indian Senior Education Leaders and Policy Implementors

    Luyao Li (Graduated 2021)

    Translanguaging and Identity: Case Studies of Chinese Students at a UK University

    Na Bao

    Distributed Leadership in Chinese Education

    Nail Lang

    A qualitative exploration of factors that influence the mental health of higher education students in China

    Paul Gao

    A study of the influence of transnational knowledge transfer on the perception of UK higher education's value by Chinese graduates

    Shirui Chai (Graduated 2021)

    Chinese Students in UK Higher Education: Exploratory Research into Chinese Postgraduate Students’ Academic Experiences of Classroom Participation and Group Collaboration

    Tianqi Lu

    Chinese postgraduate students' experiences of studying in UK Higher Education

    Xiaoshan Chen

    Exploring academic discourse socialization of Chinese students studying overseas: a study of Chinese postgraduate students in the UK

    Yanyan Dong

    Factors Affecting the Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Second Language through the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Current Situations: A Case Study

    Yonghua Wang

    Teacher Beliefs and Sociocultural Contexts: Are the Beliefs of UK’s MA Graduates Applicable in China?

    Yuyang Li

    Guangxi Ethnic Minority Students Facing Challenges in Education: Access to Education Equity