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University of Bath

CREI members

The Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CREI) is the specialist research centre at Bath focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

CREI brings together world-renowned researchers and PhD students from the School of Management.

Highly regarded for its work on innovation, the centre shows its research strength through:

  • exceptional publication and citation rates
  • growing grant acquisition
  • diverse international collaborations with preeminent academics.

CREI's members have held editorial positions in prestigious international journals. Many of these are the top journals in their field.


    • Dr Mariachiara Barzotto
      Research interests: globalisation, skills, labour markets, foreign direct investments (FDIs), technological changes, and regional development.

    • Dr Daniela Defazio
      Research interests: innovation, entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, social networks, strategic management, economics of science

    • Dr Panos Desyllas
      Research interests: competitive and corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, intellectual property management, service innovation, business models

    • Prof Dimo Dimov
      Research interests: (social) entrepreneurship, (social) innovation, venture capital, entrepreneurial finance, microfinance, design science

    • Dr Virgilio Failla, Deputy Director
      Research interests: entrepreneurship, labour market, employment mobility, parenthood effects, innovation, applied microeconometrics

    • Dr Richard Fairchild
      Research interests: behavioural and neuro-economics, behavioural game-theory and applications to organisations, social enterprise, financial contracting between (social) investors and (social) entrepreneurs, conflicts between organisations' economic and social incentives, international environmental agreements

    • Dr Winifred Huang
      Research interests: corporate finance, dividend policy, corporate liquidity, alternative finance, SME finance, entrepreneurial finance

    • Dr Weixi Liu
      Research interests: Entrepreneurial and small business finance, venture capital and private equity, behavioural finance, government support on financing innovation and entrepreneurship, small business growth dynamics and internationalisation

    • Dr Fei Qin
      Research interests: global talent mobility, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems, work organisation, human resources, and innovation, networks and entrepreneurship, returnee entrepreneurship

    • Dr Anna Roberts
      Research interests: new organisational forms, platforms, platform-dependent entrepreneurs, institutional theory, microfoundations of institutions

    • Dr Rossella Salandra
      Research interests: science policy, scientific misconduct, publication bias, evaluation of scientific research

    • Dr Stoyan Stoyanov
      Research interests: strategic management, social networks, embeddedness, liabilities of foreignness, migrant entrepreneurship.

    • Michael Willis
      Research interests: the limitations and opportunities of working capital management with emphasis on trade credit, integrational limitations when undertaking corporate activity, the impacts of firm valuation post corporate actions and the real value creation anomaly.

    • Dr Chenjian Zhang
      Research interests: strategic management, entrepreneurship, organisational change & innovation, trust research, neo-institutional theory, social networks, corporate social responsibility

PhD students

    • Norah Alshaikmubarak
    • Stephanie Christianty
    • Zehan Hou
    • Huma Javaid
    • Angeliki Karvasili
    • Athanasia Lampraki
    • Yuhao Li
    • Jinfeng Lu
    • Alessandro Lucini Paioni
    • Ahmed Mansour
    • Riccardo Nucci
    • Robert Pearce
    • Athina Petropoulous
    • Patrick Prince
    • Ying Wang

Associate members

    • Mathias Boënne
      Research interests Front end innovation, idea generation, idea selection, feedback in organisations, hierarchy, decision-making.
    • Dr Stefano Baruffaldi
      Research interests: economics and management of innovation, diffusion of knowledge, human capital mobility, scientific productivity, university-industry links
    • Pablo D’Este
      Research interests Innovation, university-business interactions, entrepreneurship, networks, societal impact.
    • Dr Patrick Gaule
      Research interests: economics, labour, education and health economics
    • Cornelia Lawson
      Research interests Research Productivity, Scientist Mobility, Research Funding, Gender Bias, University-Industry Collaboration.
    • Christos Kolympiris
      Research interests Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Organizational Learning, Secondments, Commercialization, Venture Capital, Innovation, Scientist Mobility, Patents, Academic Entrepreneur.
    • Prof Orietta Marsili Research interests: innovation, new firm survival, entry and exit strategies, human resources, mergers and acquisitions.