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University of Bath

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network members

Each department at the University should have a representative on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network.

Each member should actively promote equality and diversity, and disseminate information and good practice to their department.

    • Academic Registry, Helen Davis
    • Admission and Outreach, Jenny Boyle/Andrew Ross/Daniel Winwood
    • Advancement Office, Fungai Muteke
    • Architecture and Civil Engineering, Juliana Calabria-Holley
    • Campus Infrastructure, Laura Moorcroft/Ruby Hassan
    • Campus Services, vacant
    • Careers, Hannah Kirby
    • Centre for Learning and Teaching, Lenka Banovcova/ Liz Beaven
    • Chemical Engineering, Hannah Leese
    • Chemistry, Adam Squires
    • Communications and Marketing, vacant
    • Computer Science, Thomas Powell
    • Digital Data and Technology, Lorna Swinyard-Jordan
    • Doctoral College, Louise Barton/Julianne Holcombe
    • Economics, Javier Rivas
    • Education, Aline Courtois
    • Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Melusine Pigeon
    • Finance, Lester Hayward
    • Health, Elena Seminati/Rachel Barry
    • HSS placements team, Belinda Moore
    • Human Resources, vacant
    • International Relations Office, Ruth Roberts-Chen
    • Library, Zoe Hurley/Kit Johnson
    • Life Sciences, Charareh Pourzand
    • Mathematical Sciences, Matt Roberts
    • Mechanical Engineering, Elise Pegg
    • Physics, Adelina Ilie
    • Planning, Performance and Strategic Change (PPSC), Katherine Evans
    • Politics, Languages & International Studies, Yukteshwar Kumar
    • Psychology, Leda Blackwood
    • Research and Innovation Services, Alice Hovanessian/Colin Waring
    • School of Management, Lucie Allott/Layla Branicki
    • Skills Centre, David Busby
    • Social and Policy Sciences, John Troyer
    • Sports Development and Recreation, Julia Waldron/Gregory Sharp
    • Student Support, Jet Bennett
    • Student Union Advice and Support Team, Sonja Zurian
    • Vice-Chancellor's Office, Ben Goose