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University of Bath

Future Politics Research Group members

Find out more about the research interests and expertise of members of the Future Politics Research Group.

We are researchers that work within the Future Politics Research Group, which is part of the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies.

Our research focuses on topics that are shaping the future of politics, such as climate governance, digital politics, and technology and security.

Group convenors

    Dr Andre Barrinha

    Andre Barrinha’s main research interests include cyber-diplomacy, cybersecurity, international order, technology and security, European security, European foreign policy and International Relations Theory and Security.

    Dr Iulia Cioroianu

    Iulia Cioroianu’s research focuses on the ways in which emerging digital technologies and online communication influence politics and society as a whole.

    Dr Sophia Hatzisavvidou

    Sophia Hatzisavvidou’s research focuses on environmental politics, particularly with regard to questions around just transitions, future eco-political arrangements, as well as imaginaries for sustainable and equitable futures.

Group members

    Dr Andrei Guter-Sandu

    Andrei’s area of expertise is public finance innovation and the governance of grand challenges. Currently, he focuses on how to finance the Green Transition by looking at how states financed past periods of large-scale transformation, such as wars and post-war reconstructions.

    Dr Benoit Dillet

    Benoit Dillet’s research focuses on the political theory of technology and particularly how digital technologies condition political agency.

    Professor David Galbreath

    David researches how emergent technologies shape military behaviours, experience and combat outcomes.

    Lincoln Sheff

    Lincoln investigates how Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) insecurity discourses have evolved over time across differing era’s. He is therefore interested in Britain’s historical relationship with CBW has been informed by these discourses.

    Dr Maria Garcia

    Maria’s research addresses the intersections between trade, trade agreements and environmental and social sustainability and how trade agreements generate new forms of international governance of evolving areas like sustainability and digital trade.

    Dr Micha Germann

    Micha’s research interests include democratic innovations, such as deliberative mini-publics or internet voting. In his second stream of research, Micha is interested in political conflict, with a focus on questions related to self-determination conflicts.

    Mimi Mihailescu

    Mimi’s academic pursuits focus on delving into the intricate realms of memes, political communication, and internet studies. She aims to unravel the multifaceted connections between online content, political discourse, and the evolving landscape of digital communication.

    Ndidi Olibamoyo

    Ndidi’s research explores African agency in normative framework for responsible state behavior in cyberspace.

    Sean Garrett

    Sean’s research focuses on how the United Kingdom reacts to Russian disinformation, and how disinformation activities shape a foreign policy relationship between the UK and Russia.

    Syeda Zahra

    Syeda’s research focuses on how accountability can be achieved within algorithmic content moderation processes by evaluating different mechanisms, including algorithmic auditing and impact assessments.