University of Bath

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee is responsible for hearing grievances raised by academic and other staff of the University, and graduates and students.

Under the terms of section 17.20 of the Statutes the Academic and other Staff of the University, and the Graduates and Students of the University, may ask the Council to redress a grievance.

Full responsibilities of the committee are detailed in the terms of reference.

Committee membership

    • Chair
    • One member of the Council not being a person employed by the University
    • One member of the academic staff nominated by Senate


    The committee will be convended as required.

    The minutes and summaries of meetings of the committee are not published here because they contain information which the University has declared will not be routinely published under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Further information about the Act (including the reasons whey such information is exempt from publication). If you have any queries about the business conducted by the committee, please contact Emily Commander