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University of Bath

IAAPS Research Team

Experts working on automotive propulsion system research to support the automotive industry in the development of ultra-low and zero emission vehicles

The IAAPS research team work with researchers and industry partners on collaborative R&D to accelerate the transition to ultra-low and zero emission vehicles. Through the use of precise experimentation and accurate simulation of real-world driving conditions, the team deliver experimental research underpinned by scientific enquiry, enabling advancements in computational predictive capabilities, validated by data that is realistic and precise. The work of our experienced and talented academic team is experimentally intensive, analytically demanding and highly collaborative. Coupled with a reputation for focused delivery, our academic team are committed to collaborating on high quality research that has impact.


  • Gary Hawley

    Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Design and Executive Director of IAAPS
    Professional portrait photograph of Professor Gary Hawley

    Gary is responsible for teaching, research and strategic planning in the Faculty of Engineering & Design as well as leading the strategic development of IAAPS

  • Chris Brace

    IAAPS Academic Director & Professor of Automotive Propulsion
    Head shot of Professor Chris Brace

    Chris is responsible for teaching and research around automotive propulsion systems and helping to push collaboration between IAAPS researchers and industry

  • Sam Akehurst

    Interim Deputy Academic Director
    Head shot of Professor Sam Akehurst

    Sam is a Professor of Advanced Powertrain Systems and Deputy Academic Director of the Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems

  • James Turner

    Professor of Engines and Energy Systems
    Head shot of Professor James Turner

    Leading projects and supporting partner interactions

  • Richard Burke

    Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of CDT AAPS
    Head shot of Dr Richard Burke

    Richard is responsible for leading research projects within IAAPS as well as all activities relating to postgraduate education within IAAPS

  • Peter Wilson

    Deputy Head of Department
    Head shot of Prof Peter Wilson

    Peter Wilson is Professor of Electronics and Systems Engineering in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

  • Giovanni Vorraro

    Lecturer in System Engineering
    Head shot of Dr Giovanni Vorraro

    Lecturer, technical lead and management of projects on innovative internal combustion engines and boosting systems for hybrid vehicles.

  • Chris Vagg

    Lecturer in Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (Electrification)
    Head shot of Dr Chris Vagg

    Chris is responsible for research on electrified powertrain solutions, in particular where system level analysis or architectural innovation is required

  • Xianwu Zeng (Vincent)

    Lecturer in Electric Propulsion System
    Head shot of Dr Xianwu Zeng (Vincent)

    Vincent is responsible for seeking advanced power electronics solutions to build future low carbon transportation

  • Zhongze Wu

    Prize Fellow in Electric Propulsion
    Head shot of Dr Zhongze Wu

    Zhongze is responsible for the research and teaching of advanced electrical machines and drives

  • Nic Zhang

    Lecturer in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    Photograph of Nic Zhang

    Nic is responsible for the investigation of physical systems using analytical and statistical models.

  • Andrew Lewis

    Research Fellow
    Head shot of Dr Andrew Lewis

    Andrew is the Project Manager and technical lead on both Government and Industry funded research projects

  • Edward Chappell

    Research Fellow
    Head shot of Dr Ed Chappell

    Ed is responsible for a small team of researchers and PhD students working on a variety of industrial research projects, in vehicle performance and emissions

  • Umud E. Ozturk

    Research Fellow
    Head shot of Dr Umud Ozturk

    Umud contributes to the vast range of research topics within IAAPS as well as the teaching of the Automotive Engineering MSc programme

  • Simon Pickering

    Research Fellow

    Simon advises on and assists in the delivery of simulation, data analysis and control system development aspects of the majority of projects in IAAPS

  • Andrew Pennycott

    Automotive Development Engineer
    Head shot of Dr Andrew Pennycott

    Andrew Pennycott has the role of Automotive Development Engineer within IAAPS at the University of Bath.

  • Robert Wragge-Morley

    Research Associate
    Head shot of Dr Robert Wragge-Morley

    Dr Robert Wragge-Morley has the role of Automotive Development Associate within IAAPS at the University of Bath.

  • Karl Giles

    Research Associate/Work Stream Lead

    Karl manages the day-to-day delivery of simulation and experimental projects relating to fuel, air path and combustion system development for gasoline engines.

  • Kyriakos Kallis

    Research Associate
    Head shot of Dr Kyriakos Kallis

    Kyriakos is the Action Researcher in IAAPS and is working under the Advanced Engineering Business Acceleration Hub (AEBAH) project