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University of Bath

Imaging Facility team

We offer expert advice, assistance and training on imaging and analysis for researchers and a consultancy service for external customers.

We are available to share our imaging and analysis expertise and our aim is to support research projects within the University, as well as external projects and collaborations.

Our duties include providing our expertise to support research, managing the high-end analytical equipment at the facility, training postgraduate students and consulting with external clients.

The Imaging Facility has two scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and one transmission electron microscope (TEM). The SEMs produce high resolution images of sample surfaces, whilst the TEM images through the sample.


  • Philip Fletcher

    Senior Instrument Specialist - Electron Microscopy
    Dr Philip Fletcher

    Philip is the Imaging Facility leader, overseeing the electron microscopy, X-ray analysis and molecular spectroscopy instruments, providing advice and training.

  • Diana Szeidler-Lednitzky

    Instrument Specialist - Bio Electron Microscopy
    Headshot of Diana Szeidler-Lednitzky

    Diana provides advice and support for electron microscopy and spectroscopy, including image and data collection, sample preparation, and user training.

  • Michael Zachariadis

    Instrument Specialist - Bio Imaging
    Dr Michael Zachariadis

    Michael manages the Bio Imaging instruments in the Imaging Facility, providing support, expert advice, and training in image and data acquisition and analysis.

  • Mathew Ball

    Senior Technician

    Mathew leads the operation, training, and maintenance of the Mechanical Engineering-based Imaging Facility instrumentation.

  • Wayne Liu

    Technical Specialist
    Wayne Liu

    Wayne is responsible for the micro-CT scanner in the Structure and Material laboratory.

  • Silvia Martínez Micol

    General Technician - Biology and Microscopy
    Silvia Martínez Micol

    Silvia delivers technical support to services across the Imaging Facility portfolio, with a primary responsibility for biology and microscopy.