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University of Bath

Marketing leadership team

We manage marketing and engagement activities in support of the University's strategies and corporate goals.

Our responsibilities include:

  • working with key stakeholders to deliver consistent marketing of the University
  • managing the development and use of the University brand
  • managing the services that deliver central marketing


  • Tim Kaner

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Photograph of Tim Kaner

    Responsible for the University's overall marketing function including the management and development of the University brand.

  • Helen Featherstone

    Head of Public Engagement
    Helen Featherstone

    The strategic lead for public engagement with research for the University.

  • Louise Scattergood

    Head of Imaging, Design & Print Service

    Responsible for print, design and photography throughout the University.

  • Katrina Kelly

    Head of Research Marketing
    Katrina Kelly

    Responsible for developing the University’s research marketing and supporting researchers in communicating their work to achieve impact.

  • Sophie Oldacres

    Head of Student Marketing (Postgraduate Taught)
    Sophie Oldacres

    Responsible for the development and delivery of University-wide marketing and communications strategies in support of postgraduate taught student recruitment.

  • Sarah McFarlane

    Head of Student Marketing (Undergraduate)

    Sarah is responsible for activities and tools that support the University’s undergraduate recruitment strategy.

  • Takashi Yonenaga

    Business Insight Manager
    Takashi Yonenaga

    Supports the University's marketing and communications activities by providing market and customer insights.