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University of Bath

Neuroscience network members

We are a group of researchers from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, as well as research teams in local hospitals.

At the University of Bath there is particular research strength in psychopharmacology, neurodegenerative diseases and pain.

    • Chris Ashwin
      Social cognitive neuroscience
    • Christopher Bailey
      Addiction; desensitization; opiates; synaptic plasticity; tolerance
    • Sarah Bailey
      Anxiety; depression; neurogenesis; retinoids; serotonin (5-HT)
    • Ian Blagbrough
      Gene therapy; glutamate; nAChR; siRNA delivery; stroke
    • Mark Brosnan
      Autism; endocrinology
    • David Brown
      Alzheimer's; glia; Neurodegeneration; Parkinson's; prion
    • Joanna Bryson
      Cognitive systems; complex systems; episodic memory; ethology (evolution of behaviour); systems neuroscience
    • Paul De Bank
      Biomaterials; regenerative medicine; tissue engineering
    • Chris Eccleston
      Attention; behaviour; disability; pain
    • Nigel Harris
      Ambulatory monitoring; autonomic function; event related potentials; pain; sensory testing
    • Momna Hejmadi
      Alzheimer's disease; apoptosis; HIF-1; Hypozia; stroke
    • Stephen Husbands
      CNS; drug abuse; medicinal chemistry; opioids; PET
    • Shobbir Hussain
      Synaptic plasticity; axon guidance; activity/cue-dependent mRNA translation; Fragile X Syndrome
    • Roland Jones
      Cortical networks' glutamate; epilepsy; GABA
    • Robert Kelsh
      Developmental biology; neural crest; pigment cells; stem cells; zebrafish
    • Edmund Keogh
      Anxiety; pain; sex differences
    • Alain Nogaret
      Experimental investigation of artificial spiking neurons; neural networks; Stochastic resonance
    • Sofia Pascu
      Bionanotechnology; cellular imaging; hypoxia imaging; nanomedicine; PET rediochemistry
    • Michael Proulx
      Psychological and neurological underpinnings of cognition; effect of visual impairment on cognition; comparative studies in animal models
    • Jenny Scott
      Addiction; harm reduction; pharmacy practice
    • Vasanta Subramanian
      Developmental genetics; embryonic and adult stem cells; neurodegenerrative disease
    • Rex Tyrrell
      Drug delivery; gene regulation; solar radiation biology; stress responses
    • Andrew Ward
      Alzheimer's; behaviour; genetics; genomic imprinting; mouse
    • Rob Williams
      Alzheimer's Disease; Neuroprotection; Glutamate Receptor Signalling; Dietary Antioxidants
    • Sue Wonnacott
      Nicotine and nicotine receptors