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University of Bath

PhD students of the Centre for Governance, Regulation and Industrial Strategy (CGR&IS)

Current and past doctoral students working on research with the CGR&IS.

CGR&IS PhD students are involved in doctoral research into regulation, governance and industrial strategy, under the supervision of one of the centre's members.

Current PhD students

    • Samantha Anchard: The emergence of regional innovation systems and their industrial strategy development. A Scottish aerospace case study
    • Samuel Bodunrin: Exploration of systemic risk, using a network-based macrofinancial model that incorporates feedback effects
    • Baikun Chen: ESG risk and syndicated loan pricing
    • Daniel De Gasquet: Firm ESG risk and stock liquidity
    • Xinyu Ji: Financial applications of AI
    • Jose Muniz Martines
    • Yue Xiang: Product market competition and corporate outcomes
    • Yachao Xue: Opening auctions and trading in stock markets
    • Zihan Wang: New working spaces and their impacts on digital manufacturing
    • Wei Wei: ESG investing
    • Haoran Wu: Portfolio management with Machine Learning

Graduated (name, thesis, current employment)


    • Chris Dimos: Beyond input and output additionality of public R&D support, behavioural additionality and implications for industrial strategy: science, technology and innovation policy, University of Bath
    • Min Yang: The role of innovation in the corporate financing, University of Huddersfield


    • Boondhiva Cheewatragoongit: ASEAN stock market consolidation: an implication for market integration, home bias and diversification benefit, Bank of Thailand, Thailand
    • Anzela Volkova: Financing deficit of defined benefit pension: the case of UK, Office for National Statistics, UK
    • Yue Zhang: Determinants and consequences of mutual funds’ exits, International School of Business and finance, Sun Yat-Sen University, China


    • Muhamed Alsharman: Risk evaluation,
    • Hui Gao: Firm-level risk and systemic risk analysis in the insurance sector during the subprime mortgage crisis: CDS vs. non-CDS-based risk indicators
    • Jaehak Hwang: Foreign exchange risk and the stability of banking systems, FSA Korea
    • Kazimierz Michał Kelles-Krauz: The influences on innovation in transition economies, evidence from Poland and Czech Republic
    • Sozy Mohammed: Governance of public-private partnerships in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Emmanouil Sifodaskalakis: Determinants of bank ratings,


    • Xinyu Huang: Dynamic portfolio construction and risk management of hedge funds, University of Durham, UK
    • Yadong Li: Probability density distributions of stock returns, market regimes, and financial risk measures, 2018, University of Bristol


    • Marc Betton: The impact of regulation on micro-firms, University of Bath, UK
    • Xinyi Huang: The relationship of bank accounting ratios and financial crisis 2007/08, University of Durham, UK
    • Ozlem Ozen: Knowledge sharing, innovation and social capital: The role of business group affiliation in Turkey, Sirnak University, Turkey
    • Di Xiao: The role of information and liquidity in interbank network formation, 2017, Beijing Jiaotong University, China


    • Prince Abbey: Economic governance and social capital: A case study of Ghana’s cocoa industry, Self-employed in publishing, Ghana
    • Yan Yan: Determinants and consequences of executive compensation: Empirical evidence from Chinese listed companies, Tsinghua University, China
    • Zhuoran Xu: Identifying systemic risk in interbank markets by applying network theory, Guandong University of Technology, China


    • Suha Mahmoud Alawi: Corporate governance and cartels, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • Karan Puri: A theoretical and empirical analysis of hedge fund contracts and performance, Barclays


    • Xinyang Li: Evolutionary mechanism design using agent-based models, Barclays
    • Anastasia Petraki: Performance of the United Kingdom personal pension fund industry, Schroders Asset Management