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University of Bath

Physical Structure Characterisation Facility team

Our instrument specialists are available to help you decide which technology will answer your thermal property questions. ​

We offer a range of services and techniques for thermal analysis in which the relationship between a sample property and temperature is studied. There are many applications including;​

  • evaluation of thermal stability​
  • detection of the glass transition​
  • determination of the amount of volatile matter in a sample​
  • measurement of melting point temperature and enthalpy​
  • analysis of the viscoelastic behaviour​


  • Gabriele Kociok-Kohn

    Instrument Specialist - X-Ray Crystallography
    Dr Gabriele Kociok-Kohn

    Gabriele manages the X-Ray Diffraction service within the Physical Structure Characterisation Facility. She oversees instrument operation and user training.

  • Sunanda Sain

    Materials Characterisation Instrument Specialist
    Dr Sunanda Sain

    Sunanda is responsible for managing the thermal and thermomechanical characterisation laboratory.

  • Olivier Camus

    Senior Technician
    Headshot of Olivier Camus

    Olivier works in the Physical Structure Characterisation Facility and is responsible for materials characterisation in the Advanced Materials laboratory.

  • Siyi Liu

    Senior Analytical Technician
    Siyi Liu

    Siyi is responsible for various analytical instruments in the Physical Structure Characterisation Facility.​

  • Sara Crew

    Technical Supervisor - Analytical Facilities
    Sara Crew

    Sara manages the Analytical Services team, responsible for analytical suites and instrumentation as part of the Physical Structure Characterisation Facility.​