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University of Bath

Public Engagement Unit

We aim to nurture a positive culture of high-quality public engagement with research helping build impactful links between the University and society.

Collaborating with researchers, the Public Engagement Unit have four principles that guide our work.

  • Doing Public Engagement – we provide opportunities for people to get started in public engagement through existing activities, offering grants for those who want to develop their practice and foster relationships with community partners.

  • Learning about Public Engagement – we offer a wide variety of training and professional development opportunities.

  • Celebrating Public Engagement – an annual award for public engagement rewards those with a longstanding commitment to excellent public engagement and our case studies engaged researchers.

  • Leading Public Engagement – we lead the agenda for the University and frequently contribute to the broader sector through mentoring others, feeding into consultations and presenting our work at conferences.


  • Helen Featherstone

    Head of Public Engagement
    Helen Featherstone

    The strategic lead for public engagement with research for the University.

  • Dean Veall

    Deputy Head of Public Engagement
    Head and shoulders portrait of Dean Veall

    Leading on delivery of activities that support high-quality public engagement with research

  • Robert Cooper

    Public Engagement Officer

    Administration, communications and operational activities for public engagement with research.

  • Suzi Wright

    ParticipatoryResearch@Bath Project Manager
    Seated portrait of Suzi Wright

    Leading on the development and delivery of the ParticipatoryResearch@Bath project