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University of Bath

Research Editorial Group

This group is responsible for the standards, governance and commissioning of digital content about our research activities.

The group is responsibile for:

  • providing oversight of and setting strategic direction for digital research content in line with the University‚Äôs research objectives
  • following the appropriate digital policies, processes and procedures which govern the commissioning, development, deployment and maintenance of content
  • making sure that publishers follow the content strategy statement, measure their content and respond to change
  • ensuring compliance with taxonomy, structure, branding, look and feel, navigation and styling as needed.
  • complying with all legal and regulatory standards, including accessibility, security, protection of personal information, etc.
  • ensuring site quality and content integrity
  • facilitating and resolving non-compliance issues


    • Hanna Loraine, Digital Editor for Research
    • Katrina Kelly, Research Marketing Manager

Permanent members

    • Corinne Evans, Head of Corporate Communications
    • Katy McKen, Head of Research Information & Intelligence
    • Joanna Coleman, Head of Public Engagement
    • Helen Featherstone, Head of Public Engagement
    • Sarah Sempala-Ntege, Faculty Marketing Manager for Engineering and Design
    • Helen Lofkin, Faculty Marketing Manager for Humanities and Social Science
    • Simone Dumergue, Faculty Marketing Manager for Science
    • Angela Webley, School of Management Marketing Manager
    • Sanne Terry, Marketing & Communications Officer, Bath Institute for Mathematical Innovation
    • Amy Thompson, Marketing & Communications Manager, Institute for Policy Research
    • Rachel Skerry, Alumni Communications Manager