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University of Bath

Undergraduate Admissions Team

We are responsible for selection decisions on undergraduate applications and answering questions from prospective undergraduate students.

Our responsibilities include:

  • working with academic departments to make selection decisions on undergraduate applications
  • answering questions from applicants and prospective undergraduate students
  • providing guidance and support on all qualifications taught in the UK, EU and internationally and giving advice on entry requirements and equivalences
  • provide information, advice and guidance on international qualifications and support undergraduate applicants with their application to the UK
  • support the University's admissions systems and processes, helping the University meet its student recruitment objectives

Team members

    • David Howells, Head of Undergraduate Admissions & Student Immigration Compliance
    • Louise McCollum, Deputy Head of Undergraduate Admissions
    • Andrew Eagleton, Undergraduate Student Recruitment & Admissions Insight Manager
    • Pip Pisanu, Undergraduate Admissions Manager (International and Faculty Support)
    • Joanna Roper, Undergraduate Admissions Manager (Selection)
    • Jane Olding, Admissions Manager (Business Systems Development)
    • Louisa Norris, Undergraduate Admissions Selection Officer
    • Sophie Thal-Jantzen, Undergraduate Admissions Selection Officer
    • Laura Gardner, Undergraduate Admissions Officer (International)
    • Claire Connor, UG Admissions Selector
    • Arielle De Leon, UG Admissions Selector
    • Sarah Chinn, UG Admissions Selector
    • Angus Stokes, UG Admissions Selector
    • Laura Inskip, UG Admissions Selector
    • Sarah Lamie, UG Admissions Selector
    • Sam Warstat, UG Admissions Selector
    • Emma Potter, UG Admissions Selector
    • Kathryn Robinson, UG Admissions Selector
    • Daniel Sexton, UG Admissions Selector
    • Sara Wilsonlock, UG Admissions Selector
    • Admissions Progression Team