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Athena SWAN

Athena SWAN offers a valuable framework for introducing cultural changes that create a better environment for all members of University community.

Our vision

We support students and colleagues across the University in advancing gender equality through Athena SWAN initiative. We provide you with useful resources, links, checklists and guides that will help you during the process.

About Athena SWAN

Mirella and her team have developed a paper based Microbial Fuel Cell to detect the presence of harmful bacteria in drinking water in developing countries. Pictured: Mirella in lab with samples.

Our Athena SWAN awards demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all.

Athena SWAN resource hub

Explore online toolbox of useful resources that will help you during Athena SWAN process.

Athena SWAN toolkit

Chemists at the University are developing a new way to transport vaccines without refrigeration, in an effort to increase the availability of life-saving immunisation programmes around the world. Staff and students pictured in the lab.

Find out useful resources that will support you at any stage of the Athena SWAN process.


Read updates about our latest activities and actions.

Athena SWAN blog

Find out updates on the activities we are undertaking as part of our SWAN actions.

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If you have any questions about Athena SWAN, please contact us for more information