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COVID-19 news

News, views, and initiatives from our researchers and campus community in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Research and initiatives

The community is responding to the coronavirus in numerous ways - from practical, direct assistance to those on the frontline including here in Bath, to advice and resources for those stuck at home in isolation. Here's a summary of activity so far.


Through our social media channels our researchers are reflecting on different aspects of the crisis from their different disciplines. Watch these short videos here and subscribe to our YouTube playlist to be updated when more are published online.

How is covid mutating?

Professor Ed Feil

Professor Ed Feil from the Milner Centre for Evolution talks about the development of coronavirus and its potential mutations.

Comment and analysis

Drawing on their research and expertise across different disciplines, University of Bath academics have been in high demand by media outlets and others in helping the public make sense of the crisis. Here's a snapshot of activity so far.

Watch and Listen

Recorded online events from the University in relation to covid and our responses.

WATCH: The Science of the Virus

Asel Sartbaeva (Chemistry), Ben Ainsworth (Psychology), Andy Preston (Milner Centre) and Brad Evans (Chair, PoLIS) consider the science behind the pandemic.

Contact us

If you are interested in finding out more about some of these proactive initiatives from members of our community, please contact the University Press Office.