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Research policy and governance

Information and news about all research policy and governance matters that may have an impact on research staff or their research.


Latest policy and governance announcements from the University of Bath

New HRA student research policy

Information on the Health Research Authority (HRA) new student research policy, from a joint ARMA and NHS Research and Development Forum event.

Research related policies

University polices relating to conducting research

Prevent policy

Our Policy sets out how the University is responding to its statutory duty to pay due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

Animal research

How and why we use animals in some of our research and teaching, and how we make sure we keep to the highest ethical standards.

Research-related policies

The policies that govern research activities at Bath, including our policies on animal research and whistleblowing, as well as our open access mandate.

Research results policies

Policies relating to sharing and protecting your research results

Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual property is a term used to describe legal rights that can exist in ideas generated and works created by individuals

Open access

Open access is the process of making your research freely available, enabling as many as possible to find it and use it regardless of economic circumstance.

Research data

Our research data policy and other guidance for managing, planning, sharing, archiving, finding, reusing and working with data.

Research governance

Our processes and regulations for good practice and accountability of your research

Code of ethics

Our commitment to sound corporate governance and the highest standards of ethical conduct in all our activities.

Research environment

Our research environment is underpinned by an integral culture of best practice and support for the development of researchers

HR Excellence in Research Award

HR Excellence in Research Award logo

The University gained the HR Excellence in Research Award from the European Commission in September 2011, and has retained the award since then.

Environmental policy

How we're making the University more environmentally sustainable through our teaching, research and administration.

Risk management

Policies for monitoring and mitigating risk at the University

Risk assessment

This guidance enables employees to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of significant hazards associated with their work activities.

Using the SafePod

Guidance on using the University's SafePod, a safe setting for physical security and controls for a researcher to access sensitive datasets.

Research policy and governance committees

Committees at the University with responsibility for research policy and governance.

Research funder policies

Information from external research funders on their policies


Training to support you with University policy, procedures, and legislation

Research ethics and governance

Introducing you to the key issues surrounding research ethics and governance, and providing you with a framework for an ethical decision making process.

Induction for research staff

This Unit aims to give you an overview of documents, events, policies and procedures that will be helpful for you when settling in at the University of Bath.