Academic structure

Our academic departments are organised into three faculties and one school.

The departments within each faculty are responsible for students' tutorial teaching and welfare.

Faculty of Engineering and Design

Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Design Professor Gary Hawley
Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) Dr Marianne Ellis
Associate Dean (Research) Professor Davide Mattia
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) Dr Sally Clift
Director of Administration Mr Iain Forster-Smith
Assistant Registrar Mrs Rachel Summers/Mrs Selina Jobson
Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering Head: Professor Stephen Emmitt
Department of Chemical Engineering Head: Professor Tim Mays
Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering Head: Dr Adrian Evans
Department of Mechanical Engineering Head: Professor Gary Lock
Department of Chemical Engineering Deputy Head: Professor Tina Düren
Department of Mechanical Engineering Deputy Head: Professor Harinderjit Gill

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Professor David Galbreath
Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) Dr Cassie Wilson
Associate Dean (Research) Dr Ian Walker
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) Dr Edmund Keogh
Director of Administration Ann-Marie Hartland
Assistant Registrar Miss Suzanne Jacobs and Mrs Rachel Acres
Department of Economics Head: Professor Michael Finus
Department of Education Head: Dr Mary Hayden
Department for Health Head: Professor James Bilzon
Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies Head: Doctor Nick Startin
Department of Psychology Head: Professor Gregory Maio
Department of Social & Policy Sciences Head: Dr Joe Devine
Department of Economics Deputy Head: Professor Ajit Mishra
Department of Education Deputy Head: Dr Susan Martin 
Department for Health Deputy Head: Professor Keith Stokes 
Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies Deputy Head: Dr Paul Goode (Acting) 
Department of Psychology Deputy Head: Professor Julie Barnett 

Faculty of Science

Dean of Faculty of Science Professor Nick Brook
Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) Dr Alan Hayes
Associate Dean (Research) Professor Chick Wilson
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) Professor Sue Wonnacott
Director of Administration Ms Amanda Harper
Assistant Registrar Mrs Marguerite Hallett
Department of Biology & Biochemistry Head: Professor Rod Scott
Department of Chemistry Head: Professor Chris Frost
Department of Computer Science Head: Professor Eamonn O'Neill
Department of Mathematical Sciences Head: Professor Peter Morters
Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology Head: Professor Steve Ward
Department of Physics Head: Professor Carole Mundell
Natural Sciences Head: Dr Paul Snow
Department of Biology & Biochemistry Deputy Head: Professor David Tosh
Department of Chemistry Deputy Head: Professor Jonathan Williams
Department of Computer Science Deputy Head: Professor Guy McCusker
Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology Deputy Head: Dr Philip Rogers
Department of Physics Deputy Head: Professor William Wadsworth

School of Management

Dean and Head of School of Management Professor Veronica Hope Hailey
Associate Dean (Undergraduate taught students) Professor Richard Jackson
Associate Dean (Research) Professor Andrew Brown
Associate Dean (Postgraduate taught students) Dr Peter Nuttall
Associate Dean (Finance/Planning) Professor Dimo Dimov
Associate Dean (Faculty) Professor Juani Swart
Associate Dean (Post Experience Education) Professor Alistair Brandon-Jones
Director of Administration Ms Amanda Spencer
Assistant Registrar Miss Kay Elliott