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What is Civil Engineering?

Fiona Ang

The integrated nature of this course makes learning much more interesting and I enjoy the chance to work together with the architecture students.

— Fiona Ang,
MEng Civil and Architectural Engineering

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Civil engineering is the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment. The discipline covers not only buildings and infrastructure but also the modification of the natural environment. 

Why study Civil Engineering?

Do you want to take on the challenge of designing and building the world in which we live and work, in a sustainable way that is fit for the future?

You'll work with architecture students and tutors, as well as professionally qualified engineers in our joint Department. This allows you to go beyond a mathematical and scientific foundation to develop your creative ability alongside technical skills. You'll graduate equipped to generate the new ideas and constructions that make the world better for everyone.

What will you earn?

Civil engineers earn between £20,000 and £80,000 per year. Graduate salaries are likely to start around £20,000 and increase as experience and professional qualifications are gained.


  • MEng Civil Engineering
  • MEng Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Accredited CEng (Full).

The above programmes are accredited as fully satisfying the educational base for a Chartered Engineer (CEng). See for further information.

  • BEng Civil Engineering
  • Accredited CEng (Partial).

The programme above is accredited as:

  1. fully satisfying the educational base for an Incorporated Engineer (IEng)
  2. partially satisfying the educational base for a Chartered Engineer (CEng).

A programme of accredited Further Learning will be required to complete the educational base for CEng. See for further information and details of Further Learning programmes for CEng.