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What is Webmail?

Webmail is a secure website that does the same job as your regular desktop email client. Before using Webmail you must be able to connect to the internet from your desktop, laptop or handheld device.

What makes Webmail different?

Unlike the email software found on your University desktop, with Webmail you can see your University email from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

How can I access Webmail?

Just type webmail.bath.ac.uk into the Address/Location box on your browser, then log in using your University username and password. 

Is it secure?

Webmail is a secure site that protects the information you send and receive.

A Security Dialog box may appear, if it does then click OK and log in as normal.

Features of Webmail

  • Inbox - allows you to send/receive/delete emails as normal
  • Folders - allows you to subscribe/unsubscribe to folders or create/rename/delete folders
  • Options - you can edit your signature, your full name and choose a preferred language
  • Search - find messages in mailboxes with a particular search term
  • Help - online help
  • Address Book - opens Contacts window so you can add, delete and update Contacts.

How to access your Address Book?

You will be able to use your University email address book. This is accessable via the Address Book icon in webmail.

A full Webmail step by step guide can be downloaded here:

How to use Webmail  PDF

Please note: You are unable to access your personal address books used with other email software via Webmail.