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Assistive Technologies

We provide disabled students with access to a loan laptop computer with specialist software designed to aid studying at the University, where a student doesn't have access to their own. There is a pool of 20 laptops running Windows 7 that can be booked out for a few months at a time and are issued via referral from Student Disability Advice.

AT Laptop Loan


Please contact Student Disability Advice, 4 West Student Services Centre, to discuss support options and whether an AT laptop is suitable for you.


Each laptop has the following assistive software:

And the following standard software:

Note: Students will be allowed to add their own software to the installation.

AT PC Lab in the library

We also have an Assistive Technology room on level 3 of the Library accommodating 4 PCs with 24-inch widescreen monitors: 3 PCs running Windows 7 and one windows XP (with specialist Mathematics software and connected to the Braille printer).

Note: The PC running Windows XP is in the process of being upgraded to Windows 7.


including assistive hardware:


The following standard software is installed on Windows 7 machines:

and has the same assistive software as listed above for the laptops, plus:


Access to this room is given to disabled students who need to use the equipment and software, if you are interested in having access please contact Student Disability Advice, 4 West Student Services Centre.


PCs in this room need to be booked prior to use, via the information librarians, please see the library user guide for further information.

Report Problems / ask a question

Please report any problem with your AT laptop or in the Assistive Technology room in the library, alternatively you can email the Help Desk Team.