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Management Information Systems (MIS) Overview

We develop and support the information systems that support the University's key business processes, roughly broken down into the areas listed below. Because of the nature of the information we manage, we also do considerable work in integrating this across the University, for example to enable identity management facilities, access control, library cards etc. To see what we cover in more detail, please see the MIS Project Register.

Access to Management Information Systems

You will automatically get access to some parts of MIS, for example students can see SAMIS on the Web and staff Employee Self Service.

However if you need to use these systems as part of your job, you will need to request access to the specific areas you need using the Management Information Systems Access Form. Note that if you need to change your access (e.g. if you have changed jobs) you will need to complete this form again.

Students and Applicants

The Student and Applicant Management Information System (SAMIS) covers everything to do with enquirers, applicants and students, from application forms through registration and fees management, to assessment and graduation. 

Reporting using Business Objects

The reporting tool for the University is Business Objects Web Intelligence (Webi). There are details on how to access and use Webi.


Agresso is used to manage the University's finances, from invoicing and receipting to purchasing. It is used to authorise payments, manage budgets and provides the University's accounts at the end of each year.

Human Resources

Midland HR systems are used to manage staff records at the University, including personal and contract details, payroll and government returns. If you are a member of staff you can see your details using Employee Self Service.


We use Archibus to help manage our estate, including the plans of all our buildings, what work is being carried out - from replanting a flower bed to replacing the roof of a building, requests for maintenance and to track where we still have asbestos.

Accommodation & Hospitality

We work with a variety of systems to help support Accommodation and Hospitality, helping manage our Halls of Residence, tills, stock control etc.

Database and Applications Management

We have considerable expertise in secure data storage, database administration and other related technologies. As well as the main MIS systems we also provide hosting for some other large-scale Oracle systems. If you're interested in this please contact the Corporate Applications and Database Team.


If you have any questions about our systems please contact the Computing Services Service Desk.