Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy

Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy

An interdisciplinary research centre critically engaging with the evidence, design and evaluation behind policy development across a range of major social issues.

About our research

We assess the governance, prioritisation and evaluation of policy responses to major social issues, including poverty and income maintenance, work and wages, inequalities, crime and substance use, child well-being and ageing.

We work closely with the Institute for Policy Research, which bridges the worlds of research, policy and professional practice.

Our projects

CASP researchers undertake research projects funded by UK and EU research councils and other academic funders, Government departments and related public-sector bodies, third-sector organisations and charities.

We work across many of the research themes of the Department of Social & Policy Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, and a number of our projects also involve themes linked to other faculties and our broader research networks.

Working papers

Elitist Earnings across Occupations: the White Group Effect in the US and UK Labour Force - Aurelie Charles Sunčica Vujić

Higher Education, Career Opportunities and Intergenerational Inequality - Paul Gregg, Claire Crawford, Lindsey Macmillan, Anna Vignoles and Gill Wyness.

Latest news

Event report: The Challenge of Improving Social Mobility
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