Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy

Child Poverty and Social Mobility: Lessons for Research and Policy

Principle Investigator: Matt Dickson

Research Team:  Paul Gregg, Lynn Prince Cooke, Dr Lindsey Macmillan (Institute of Education)

Funder: ESRC

Duration: November 2014 -November 2017

Project rationale and aims

Upcoming event details
Past events
  • 26 January 2018: Second Chances: Lessons for Research and Policy
  • 30 March 2017: Annual Conference
  • 23 June 2016: Child Poverty and Social Mobility
  • 15 April 2016: Family Change and Social Inequality
  • 19 November 2015:
    Effectiveness of Early childhood education approaches in boosting early educational development
  • 08 October 2015:
    Unequal Opportunities - and what to do about them
  • 27 April 2015:
    Child Poverty and Social Mobility
Departmental themes

The aim of the seminar series is to bring together academics (from across disciplines) and policy makers to help improve our understanding of both the causes and consequences of declining social mobility and child poverty in Britain; to assess the influence that policy has had on these trends; and to consider how best policy makers might now respond to declining mobility.

The specific aims of holding a seminar series are to:

  • Provide access for policy makers to the latest research in this area.
  • Improve academics’ understanding of policy in this area, giving policy makers a key opportunity to inform researchers of policy thinking in this area and their research needs, and to inform and influence the development of future research agendas.
  • Help improve the connection between researchers (and policy makers) working on different of social mobility & child poverty (such as income, employment, childcare, education, youth transitions and access to the professions).
  • Draw lessons for research and policy from international evidence.

The involvement of policy makers, and the interdisciplinary nature of the series are key aspects of the proposal which add significant value to the series.


Over the course of this three year series, it is expected that we will deliver:

  • An annual policy conference each year in London
  • Two additional workshops each year at a University outside of London
  • A policy brief following each event issued by the Institute for Policy Research, University of Bath
  • A website hosting resources such as recordings of keynote talks, podcasts of contributors discussing their research, links to relevant papers/reports, all arising policy briefs and news and developments in policy and practice more widely.
  • A newsletter sent to all interested parties, delegates, speakers, academics and policy makers following each event

The involvement of the Commission for Social Mobility and Child Poverty in the planning and delivery of the seminar series in this important policy area will ensure that the series has substantial impact on policy and practitioners. It's involvement further brings with it the ability to attract key policy-makers and other interested parties including charities, think-tanks, civil servants and business leaders (as a pilot event in November 2013 showed). Press releases will be issued ahead of the main annual policy conference, and policy briefing papers, research bulletins and social media (produced in collaboration with partner institutions) will ensure maximum impact from the series.

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