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International collaboration opens dialogue between West and East on death

A new international partnership between our Centre for Death & Society and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has been signed.

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The rise of ‘pauper’s funerals’ is a disgraceful reminder of Britain’s inequalities

Funeral headstone with RIP written on it

Dr Kate Woodthorpe writes for The Independent in response to a report about increasing funeral poverty in the UK.

Our research

Our research relates to:

  • the experience of death and bereavement
  • practice and policy concerning the dying, the dead, and the bereaved
  • how end-of-life practices require yet can foster community development
  • relationships between the living and the dead
  • influences of economics, politics, inequality, social networks, technology and culture.

We are involved with a number of current projects.

Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds wins Grierson Award

The team behind the programme at the Grierson Awards Ceremony

The popular Channel 4 series, which features Bath Professor Malcolm Johnson, took home a prestigious Grierson Award.

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View a showcase film about the Centre for Death & Society, featuring Dr John Troyer and Dr Kate Woodthorpe.

Our members

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