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Current Centre for Death & Society research projects

View the current research projects being undertaken by researchers within and associated with the Centre for Death & Society (CDAS).


Current projects

Voicing Loss: Meanings And Implications Of Participation By Bereaved People In Inquests

Voicing Loss is an interdisciplinary research project conducted by ICPR at Birkbeck, University of London in partnership with CDAS at the University of Bath. Started in May 2021, Voicing Loss focuses on bereaved family members' understandings, expectations and experiences of inquests, and the legal and policy framework within which coroners' courts operate. The project considers the implications of its findings for policy and practice, and explores the scope for reform.

Understanding Tiredness Of Life in Older People Research Network

A multi-university 4-year European Scientific Research Network fund to build a network between universities in Belgium (Ghent University, KU Leuven, Vrije University, Brussels), Switzerland (University of Laussane), the Netherlands (University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht), and the UK (Bath) with the objective of stimulating an interdisciplinary platform for the investigation of 'tiredness of life' in older people. The project draws upon expertise from psychology, education, gerontology, death studies, palliative care, medicine, and sociology, with the intention of building and developing a large-scale funding bid in the area of international research.

Improving the Patient Experiences of African Caribbean Men Detained Under the Mental Health Act: A Co Produced Intervention Using the Silences Framework

This project aims to inform, develop and explore the feasibility of a co-produced intervention to improve the experiences of Black African-Caribbean (BAC) men detained under the Mental Health Act (MHA).

The Persistence of the Victorian Prison

In partnership with the UK's oldest penal reform organisation The Howard League for Penal Reform, this interdisciplinary project combines archival research, oral histories, discourse analysis of literary and media sources, interviews, creative methodologies with prisoners and staff, and a public engagement and co-production strategy - engaging both incarcerated and 'free' populations - to understand these prisons' material and conceptual solidity. A series of interactive multimedia exhibitions (both inside and outside prisons) builds cumulatively and reflectively upon diverse materials (e.g. archival records and photographs, oral histories, prisoner poetry and artwork), culminating in a conference addressing the critical policy question of the future of these Victorian establishments.

The Experiences of Care Leavers in Prison

The Centre for Prisons Research represents the first attempt to critically explore the experience of care-experienced prisoners in custody. Ultimately, we seek to answer the question: How do care leavers experience imprisonment?


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