Centre for Death & Society

International collaboration opens dialogue between West and East on death

A new international partnership between our Centre for Death & Society and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has been signed.

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Our research

Our research relates to:

  • the experience of death and bereavement
  • practice and policy concerning the dying, the dead, and the bereaved
  • how end-of-life practices require yet can foster community development
  • relationships between the living and the dead
  • influences of economics, politics, inequality, social networks, technology and culture.

We are involved with a number of current projects.

C4 series sets up old people’s home for four-year-olds

Professor Johnson (left) on set for 'Old People's Home for 4-Year-Olds' which airs on C4 tonight.

A new series on Channel 4 will put to the test the old adage that there’s nothing like having children around to keep you young by seeing what happened when ten toddlers turned up to play at an old people’s home.

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View a showcase film about the Centre for Death & Society, featuring Dr John Troyer and Dr Kate Woodthorpe.

Our members

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